Our Tour

G’day and welcome to Swags Under Stars. This unique tour is swag camping at its finest! From our Cairns base in North Queensland we will guide you on a journey around this incredibly diverse part of Australia. Our full three day tour will take you from world heritage listed rainforests, to the big skies of

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What is a swag? A swag is a rolled up portable bed. It has a mattress inserted into a heavy duty, water resistant canvas casing that also houses your sleeping bag and pillow. Perfect for the outdoors, swags make for a great night’s sleep. Ours will keep you warm on cool nights, as the enclosed

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About Us

Swags Under Stars are locally owned and operated. We love this region we live in and are proud to show you why. With years of tour guiding experience based in Cairns we’ve condensed that experience into a 3 day tour that highlights some truly amazing and unique parts of Australia. At Swags Under Stars we