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About Us

Swags Under Stars are locally owned and operated.
We love this region we live in and are proud to show you why. With years of tour guiding experience based in Cairns we’ve condensed that experience into a 3 day tour that highlights some truly amazing and unique parts of Australia.

At Swags Under Stars we believe the best things in life aren’t things. We’re offering an experience, something unique and treasured to remember for years to come. For us it’s about enhancing life’s simple pleasures.

We love our outdoor environment here, both day and night! We can’t get enough of being outside and we firmly believe sleeping in a swag under a dazzling array of stars is the perfect way to end the day.

So whether it’s swimming in pristine waters or capturing the timeless beauty of the outback. Maybe it’s company around a campfire, or counting shooting stars before sleep, we do basics best! So come join us on a journey with Swags Under Stars.